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Overview - What is the ATI Boeing Accelerator?

The ATI Boeing Accelerator is a 3 month-long programme. The ATI Boeing Accelerator is intended to support innovation and the growth of startups in the UK's aerospace ecosystem.

Overview - Who is the ATI Boeing Accelerator for?

We're looking for world-class startups who are creating sustainability-enabling technologies with the potential to bolster the growth and competitiveness of the UK aerospace industry.

We're especially interested in innovative startups building solutions within the below thematic areas:

Reduce time to Market

Sustainable production via innovative regulatory technology, rapid design methodologies, test pyramid reduction, and, but not limited to, shop floor/workflow optimisation.

Materials & Manufacturing

Digitally connected factory of the future merging the power of alloy development, additive manufacturing, material management reduction & traceability processes while leveraging digital twin functionality to generate an adaptive, collaborative production system.

Sustainable Lifecycle

Cradle-to-grave accountability and standards through circular economies, process simulation and modelling, and, but not limited to, lifecycle assessment and traceability.

Flight Operations Resilience

Traveller confidence in their passenger journey including solutions targeting safety, operational efficiencies and, but not limited to, enhanced passenger journey(s).

Battery & Fuel Systems

Innovative energy and energy storage solutions such as battery lifecycle optimisation, alternatives for rare earth materials, hydrogen management solutions, and sustainable aviation fuels.

Energy Management

Solutions such as multi-source/smart grid technologies, efficient and intelligent sensing, thermal management solutions, or future energy infrastructure concepts.

Overview - Who is behind the ATI Boeing Accelerator?

The ATI Boeing Accelerator is brought to you by the Aerospace Technology Institute, and its sponsors Boeing and GKN Aerospace, in partnership with Rolls Royce. Cohorts one and two were delivered in partnership with Ignite.

If you'd like to become a sponsor or learn more about how to get involved, please contact us.

Overview - Is an aerospace focus a requirement?

We are very happy to support businesses and technologies developed in (or for) other industries on the programme. As long as your business and technologies could be relevant to the aerospace industry, we’d love to chat. Why not look at the range of industries our portfolio work across? Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss if your startup is a good fit for the programme.

Overview - What is the accelerator's objective?

The ATI Boeing Accelerator is a startup accelerator programme designed to support the growth of startups in the UK's aerospace ecosystem. By supporting these innovative early stage technology businesses, the programme aims to bolster the growth and competitiveness of the UK aerospace industry.

Overview - How many companies will be on the programme?

Each ATI Boeing Accelerator cohort will be made up of 8-10 startups.

Overview - What is the application process?

Please note: the following is subject to change, as the application timeline for cohort 2 may change.

Stage 1

Once applications close at the end of September, applications will be reviewed by the programme team. If your startup passes the selection criteria, you may be contacted for follow-up questions.

Stage 2

Your submission will then be reviewed and compared to the other applications in your category (i.e. sustainability, energy or industry 4.0) by the programme's selection committee. The selection committee is made up of the programme team, the ATI and the programme’s sponsors.

Stage 3

Longlisted startups may then be invited to follow-up conversations with the ATI, the programme team and/or programme leads from Boeing and GKN Aerospace.

Stage 4

The 20 shortlisted startups will be invited to a virtual pitch on one of our Selection Days.

The 8-10 successful applicants will then be notified and offered programme places shortly after the interviews (we anticipate within 24hrs).

Location - Is relocating to the UK a requirement of the programme?

No. A decision-maker (i.e. founder or member of the management team) needs to be able to where possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic travel to the UK for the in-person content during the 12 week programme. We request this commitment so that you are able to make the most of what the programme offers. We are also happy to see more than one team member relocate to join the programme.

Location - Who needs to be on-site in the UK and for how long?

We are looking for commitment from a decision-maker (i.e. someone who would be able to build relationships with the corporate sponsor(s)) to travel to the UK for the in-person content during the 12 week programme. However, depending on the stage of your company, we recognise you may need to spend some time/travel on the business each week. The programme is not currently envisaged as a week per month of residence like some other corporate/ later stage accelerator programmes.

Investment - What are the terms for the £100k investment?

The £100k investment is an uncapped SAFE (‘simple agreement for future equity’) with a 20% discount on the next round. We will share a draft version of the SAFE with you during the interview process.

Investment - Is the programme investment competitive?

No, all startups who are offered and accept a place on the programme will be offered the £100k equity investment from Boeing HorizonX Ventures.

Investment - When does the investment get paid? (up front, at the end, installments?)

The programme investment process will start once you accept the offer of a programme place, and we anticipate the investment to complete and be paid into your business bank account within the first fortnight of the programme.

Investment - Is accepting the £100k investment a requirement of joining the programme?

No, you do not have to take the investment to join the programme. If you’d be interested in joining the programme without taking the investment, we’d still be happy to talk to you.

General - Is there a stipend for accommodation?

No, there is no stipend. Your company is free to spend the programme investment how you see fit.

General - Can you do the ATI Boeing Accelerator while being on another accelerator programme?

This will depend on the other programme's structure and workload. If we are notified about a second programme or the possibility of one during the application process, we can work with you and the other accelerator programme team to assess if and how doing both might work. The possibility of joining (or actually being on another programme) must be disclosed to us before you sign the ATI Boeing Accelerator offer letter and accept a place on our programme.

General - Would the accelerator require us to be fiscally located in the UK?

There is no requirement to redomicile the company to the UK, and you do not need a UK LTD company to participate in the programme.

Sponsors - Will we have access to Boeing, GKN Aerospace and Rolls-Royce as potential customers?

Yes, over the course of the programme you will be introduced and develop relationships with the programme sponsors and partner (currently Boeing, GKN Aerospace and Rolls-Royce).

Sponsors - Can we work with Boeing competitors?

Yes, there’s no exclusivity preventing you from working with other aerospace corporates.

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